Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good hair days are back!

Recently I've been hating my hair. Like throwing the brush on the bathroom floor hating. The ugly kind of hate. It's very thick, coarse, kinky and frizzy. It's also experiencing a bad cut. Nothing will make you consider a Sinead O'Connor buzz cut like waking up to thick, kinky, frizzy, badly butchered hair every morning.
However, I decided to put the clippers down and try one more blooming hair product.
Drum roll please.....

It's a product from REGIS Salons' (small) line of straightening products. The claims were simple. 'A lightweight gel that won't dry out the hair. Adds texture, definition and styling flexibility.' The instructions fairly easy 'Directions:Apply to damp hair and let air-dry for a wet look. For added volume, apply to damp hair and blow-dry.' Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I have paid upwards of $20 for 1.7 oz hair product failures before. This 6$ bottle, with its plain packaging and minimal claims didn't offer my locks much hope. Looking back I don't know why I bought it, but I am very pleased that I did!
The cream is just that: cream. It's bottled with a pump which dispenses a perfect amount of cream for my shoulder length hair. I applied it to my still damp hair and combed it through. Then allowed my hair to air dry a bit more as I plucked, picked, moisturized and applied my 'war-paint'. It was drying time. Do or die time. This is where I usually end up disappointed and perhaps "dropping" a hairbrush or two. Ahem. The straightening products I've used in the past have actually made my hair thicker and somewhat even more coarse, as if that is possible. I clip the majority of hair up to dry the underside first as it is the curliest. After just a few strokes with the hairdryer and brush, guess what? VOILA'! Soft, shiny and STRAIGHT hair! I was surprise and somewhat skeptical but after completing my entire head....STOKED! I have straight, Bouncin' and Behavin' hair! After trying millions thousands hundreds, okay at least 10 different straightening products, I've finally found one that works and doesn't absorb half of our grocery budget! Now, I just cannot wait for the bad cut to grow out!

*For some reason it cracks me up that I don't allow my kids to use the word 'hate' and I just wrote a post filled with the word! At least it turned loving at the end, right?

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