Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tasty Peas

We did in fact have peas again last night. I think I could eat them 'round the clock. Of course, fresh peas are always best, then fresh/frozen, THEN grocery store peas. These are my favorite store bought brand if I happen to be out of fresh/frozen:

Smokey bacon flavor and onions already in there! What a deal! All the work is basically done for you. Now, if you try these, don't salt before tasting.

On to cornbread. Usually I make it from scratch using an altered version of my Grandmother's recipe. Yesterday I was in a hurry & feeling particularly lazy since the peas were so easy. Here is my favorite cornbread mix:

Martha White Yellow - NO sugar. If you put sugar in your bread - it's then cake. Whew. Glad we got that out of the way.

Those muffins I was talking about yesterday....I'm not feeling it today. Hopefully in the next few hours we can finish school & I will be in the right frame of mind to cook.

Dinner will be sandwiches and fruit.
Supper will be Sloppy Joes and coleslaw.

What are you eating today?

*I couldn't find a picture of the peas online, so I pulled this bag out of the trash. Yes, really. I did. Just keepin' it real.

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